What is My Favorite Breakup?

My Favorite Breakup is a newsletter sharing anonymous, 100-word stories about the ends of romantic relationships. Look for it in your inbox on Sundays.

Why does this exist?

This project was conceived just before Valentine’s Day during a pandemic — both exceedingly lonely times when people are looking for connection and empathy. I suspect they might be able to find a small dose of each in reading the intimate details of strangers’ sad / funny / devastating / weird / whatever experiences.

Also, I just really, really like hearing other people’s breakups (in a nice, curious way!) and a newsletter is easier to make than my original idea, a podcast about millennial divorce. (Feel free to steal that one.)

How can I submit my own breakup story?

Wow, so glad you asked, because if no one writes in, there will be nothing to put in this newsletter! Please do submit your 100-word story right here, and I’ll consider it for inclusion in a future edition of My Favorite Breakup. Stories will live on this site once they’re published via email.

Note that I’m not asking for your name or email address, so there’s no way for me to know who you are. That also means there’s no way to get in touch to clarify confusing details or fact check your story. If I think something is fake or malicious, I won’t publish it.

What are the rules for story submission?

Stories should be roughly 100 words — 90 or 105 are OK, 150 is not — and must be true. Otherwise, no rules.

Yes, 100 words is super short. You can do it. I believe in you.

Your story can be poetic or silly or poignant. It can be a vignette of a funny moment or a reflection on the whole sad thing or a movie review or a letter to the editor. It can be about the time your seventh-grade crush broke your heart on Halloween while standing in your best friend’s driveway, or your surprisingly amicable divorce. I want to read whatever you come up with.

Please do include specific details to keep it interesting, but not identifying details of the people involved. It doesn’t need to share grand lessons learned, but it does need to be true. Seriously, don’t be weird and lie in an anonymous story.

Who’s behind My Favorite Breakup?

Hi, I’m Julie Zeglen, a Philly-based journalist and human.